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Bloomin' Prairie!

It being a rather lovely morning, I decided to get some yard work done before hitting the hay. I trimmed up the bits of my yard that don't get mowed, hacked down some rogue plants that did not belong where they were, and weeded the path along the south prairie.

A quick pass along the plantings of the front finished filling up most of one bucket of weeds. It was then time to start around the front prairie.

I have a narrow trench dug all around the front prairie. It will eventually be filled with wood chips to both provide a nice, contrasting border to the area mulched with cocoa shells and to act as a kind of weed-break, keeping the lawn from encroaching on the prairie and vice-versa. As I went around, pulling the clover and crab grass from where it was busily making itself at home, I noticed something new in the middle of the prairie.

The coreopsis that I'd planted earlier this spring, a plant from the Friends School sale, was starting to bloom! Just one flower, and only just starting to unfurl its petals, but still! Blooming!

Mind you, the Junegrass on the south prairie bloomed earlier this year and the Birds-foot Violet that I bought at the Friends School sale also bloomed. Those were pretty mellow activities, though. The Junegrass has lovely seed-heads, but they aren't very showy. The Birds-foot Violet is a small plant and its blooms weren't very noticeable.

So this is the first "real" blooming that I've got from this whole process, I'm so excited. I almost want to set up a lawn chair out front, get a big pitcher of lemonade and just sit and watch it for the rest of the day. That, however, would be silly.

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