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Potluck and little else

Another slow night at work. We scheduled a pot luck tonight; the person coordinating it decided it would be best, given the lack of variety we sometimes end up with, that having people kick in $5 and her buying stuff would produce better results than a traditional potluck. I volunteered to help with the shopping in hopes of getting some more interesting things.

It turned out that the woman in charge (who had the money) was late to work and then eventually was not coming in. She made a special trip to bring us the food, but went shopping by herself. So we have fairly generic bread, deli meat, cheese, cookies and cakes. Someone brought in some chili to help round things out.

It's a passable spread, but nothing special. It helps, at least, to take our minds off the lack of work. One job needing work on the queue. It's 286 pages. It's not due until 5:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m. Monday. Severe lack of motivation to work on this job even if it was ready to be worked on yet, which it is not.

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