April 26th, 2010

self portrait

Random musings

Just some things I was thinking...

After being dog tired following the extra-innings Twins game, I find myself strangely awake much later than I thought I'd be.

Rain advancing on the city from the NE. This is just wrong. Seeing it on radar is creepy. Weather comes from the W! I blame climate change.

Had a good brunch and am ready for a lazy Sunday. Unfortunately, I must also do laundry, so laziness may not long-lived.

Watched second episode of the new Doctor. At this point, I think I would use a time machine to simply get enough sleep on weekends

I'm putting the weather on notice: May is next week and low temps that start with a "4" will no longer be acceptable. (Like white pants.)

Unlike me, my brain is turning over thoughts about things I need to do at work tomorrow. Going to jot them down in hopes of getting sleep.