April 24th, 2010

self portrait

Random musings

Just some things I was thinking...

Awoke from a dream with heart pounding. Don't remember the dream, but did have two political slogans pop onto my head.

I will consider voting for a conservative when they stop advocating/implementing policies aimed at killing my disabled partner.

I will worry about unborn children when all women have universal access to healthcare for themselves & their born children.

768 words this morning as my protagonist puffs himself up for the final confrontation. Poor guy doesn't stand a chance....

Scraped the gore off the wall the project ran into yesterday and stitched up a rather functional Frankenstein's monster of a solution.

Applying $100 from each weekly check to my 9k credit card balance (with $0 purchases) looks like it'll pay it all off in about 2 years.

Noticed that with only a 5-run lead,
Twins kept Jesse Crain out of the game. Also, they won. Coincidence?