April 15th, 2010

self portrait

Random musings

Just some things I was thinking...

Article by @gruber j.mp/bKz768. Wonder if iPhone lacked multitasking to force developers to program so their app could quit any time.

Similarly, did the iPhone launch without a native API to get people thinking about developing in HTML5?

Part of me wants to jump right into revisions to current project based on feedback. Wiser part wants to take a bit and examine before.

Being taken to dinner this evening. Still undecided as to where to go. Somehow the tools for restaurant suggestions I have seem inadequate.

I think I have decided upon Solera, upscale tapas place in downtown Minneapolis.

Reservations made! Tapas at 7:00! (If we're early, we can have an aperitif from their lovely selection of sherries.)

Having dinner with Ctein — at Solera gowal.la/s/P8t

Wrote 759 words after dinner. Woke at 4-something this morning and didn't think getting myself awake enough to write was a good idea then.