December 27th, 2009

self portrait

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  • 02:41 Dog acting as a very nice foot-warmer as I finally get to bed. Tomorrow I may have to tackle shoveling. #
  • 11:08 @jefftidball My readings are fuzzy, but I'm not at work so Sunday is likely. Either that or we've slipped into a non-week dimension! #
  • 11:22 Hungry. Must investigate what provisions remain after Snowmageddon. May have to resort to cookies. The horror. The horror. #
  • 23:12 @pegkerr Trad wassail had an egg foam mixed in. Was hoping to make it at B&K's Xmas party bit couldn't get there. #
  • 23:14 @Nikchick Going to freeze some for her? Or you and the man going to snarf it all up? #
  • 23:21 Being a bad boy with a current Dragon Age character. Ashes polluted: check. Wynne killed: check. Clear the tower and go on to elves next! #