December 23rd, 2009

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  • 09:22 Grabbing some dark hot chocolate — at Caribou Coffee - Capella Tower #
  • 11:42 Getting one more lunch (and one more triple-punch) this week — at Zen Box #
  • 11:50 @wordwill No plan of battle survives contact with the enemy. - Sgt. Murphy. #
  • 13:08 An interesting article for all my editor friends out there: Which publisher will you hire next year? #
  • 13:50 @jefftidball Must you be reminded? RT @jefftidball: It is a tragic shame that I will never be warm again. #
  • 14:16 I'm about three years into my 40-year-plan to become an 80-year-old blues guitarist. Time to get the habit of practicing. #
  • 14:39 Getting ready for holiday get-togethers? Remember how to work the crowd so you'll be socially comfortable: #
  • 15:20 @ChuckWendig Ancient remedy battles alien invasion! The script practically writes itself! Get Will Smith on the phone! #
  • 16:39 Home and kinda oddly excited for Christmas. Waiting expectantly for the traditional holiday pizza to arrive! #
  • 17:57 Oh hooray! The traditional Christmas pizza arrived! Now stashed safely in the freezer for holiday feasting. #