April 29th, 2009

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Mini me

I find myself using my iPhone as my primary computing device lately. I like that I have it with me wherever I go. I like having the Internet in my pocket. I like that it performs most of the functions I use my laptop for and a few more besides!

I do not like typing on it, though it is far easier than I originally thought it would be if I just let myself trust its substitutions and edit when I'm done. One consequence of this is that I make most of my output through Twitter, as that service lends itself well to the short format that is comfortable on the phone. That makes my LJ a bit sparse and some news ends up falling through the cracks. So I'll try to fill things in here tonight.

I am still employed! I'm doing a contract gig with no firm end date at Capella University in downtown Minneapolis. They started out just having me make simple edits to their web sites, but it quickly became evident that I was more valuable doing some front-end development. So I spend most if my day playing around with JavaScript and CSS and HTML. It's pretty fun and they like what I'm doing.

Most importantly, they are paying me enough to let me keep my house. After the remarkable generosity of friends and strangers, we were able to raise enough to get our house out of immediate danger. We now have a repayment plan with the bank and the first big payment was wired to them yesterday! There is a little more left to do, as we have three months of paying our regular mortgage plus some more to catch up with what we owe. It looks, though, like we'll make it. Thanks to everyone that helped, especially if all you could do was wish us well. It all helped and we are so, so grateful.

Another good thing in my life is that I have been seeing Mary for seven months now. We have a great time doing all sorts of things from movies and concerts to simple meals and music parties. She even tolerates my baseball obsession! So it looks like we'll be keeping her for the foreseeable future and you'll likely see more of her as we get chances to be social.

Ericka has been doing well with her health and activities. She's taken up the craft of card-making. Some if you have been the beneficiaries of that, and more of you will be down the line! One minor problem is some persistent pain in her knees. I think this has arisen largely because she's been more active than she has been in a long time, which is a good thing. See is talking with her doctor about strategies for lessening that pain. Her breathing remains decent and she is generally happy.

I hope this little update find you well, my friends. I look forward to seeing more of you all this summer.
self portrait

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Whew! Just turned 617 lines of CSS into 291 lines of CSS, making a complex navigation scheme just a bit less so.