February 27th, 2009

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Holy crap! I think I figured out the next problem in my programming fun! Whee!

Victory! I have the next step toward my working iPhone program operating as I expect and want it to! Yay!


I need your help

Yes, you my friend.

It's so hard for me to write this, you have no idea.

I was let go from my job in July of 2008. I've had no work outside the home since then. I say "outside the home" because I am getting some money coming in from acting as a Personal Care Attendant (PCA) for Ericka, my partner of 20+ years. This has been enough to pay the utilities and phone, put food in the refrigerator, keep gas in the van and like that. It hasn't been enough, sadly, to pay the mortgage on top of that.

I received a letter from my mortgage company saying that they're referring my mortgage to their lawyers to begin foreclosure proceedings. Like so many others out there, I'm without a job and in danger of losing my home. I'm lucky that I'm able to keep the lights on, but it is looking grim all the same.

Ericka has multiple, chronic, life-altering diseases and I am her primary caregiver. Her Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) makes it impossible to breathe without taking steroids every day. Her MS keeps her muscles weak and plagues her with nerve pain frequently. The steroids have caused diabetes that requires her to have an insulin pump. She is basically bed-ridden.

Despite her challenges, Ericka leads a full life and anyone who takes the time to get to know her can't help but love her. We have modified our home over the years we have lived here to make it as comfortable as possible for her to continue to live here.

You can see why losing this home would be a devastating blow for both of us. That's why I need your help.

I am confident that if I could begin paying my mortgage again, the bank would not want to continue with foreclosure proceedings. Not only do they normally lose money on foreclosing, but the housing market has depressed values even further. In addition, the modifications made to our home to accommodate Ericka make it undesirable for, and thus harder to sell to, anyone that doesn't have her needs.

So first and foremost, I need some work. At this point, I'm growing desperate and am willing to take nearly anything. My only requirement is that I need to bring home an additional $1,500 a month so that I can pay my mortgage. I'll add a link to my resume so you can get an idea of what I have experience doing, but I'm more than willing to look outside my field of expertise. (I used paycheck calculator to figure out that $16/hour for 30 hours a week will meet my needs.)

I'm particularly interested in work that I can do from home because that would allow me to contribute to Ericka's care while still paying the mortgage. As I said, however, I'm desperate and will consider any sort of work at this point.

So what can you do? Well, if you have a job opening, you can hire me. If you know of an opening in your company, you can recommend me. You can plead my case to your friends to see if they have or know of any openings. If none of that suits your fancy and you have the means, you can send me cash. (I don't expect you to do the latter, everyone I know is stretching things tight right now.) If nothing else, just link to this note. If the word is spread far enough I'm sure I'll have more than enough offers to choose from.

Thank you, friends. If there's something I can do for you, please let me know.

My resume (as MS Word document).

ETA: Since people asked, you can send PayPal to jbru@mac.com if you so desire.