March 17th, 2008

self portrait

Tweets for Today

What I was doing yesterday at:
  • 15:10 Liking the look of this Gomez kid the Twins are running out there. (Watching Blue Jays/Twins on FSN.)
  • 16:05 Who sent ass bats to Florida?
  • 19:56 Finding the soundtrack of marie anntoinette distracting.
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self portrait

Preventative maintenance

It seems everyone at the office and all of Ericka's PCAs are getting sick this Spring. So I suppose it was inevitable that I would come down with something. Right now, it appears to be just some mild chest congestion and a low-grade fever but I decided to take advantage of the sick time I have from the U and stay home, drink lots of fluids and rest. I have my work laptop so I can do some minor things for work, but I'm mostly just taking it easy.