January 29th, 2008

self portrait

Life smacks me up again

So the new job is going very well and I'm enjoying it. The rest of my life decided to take a turn towards the stressful, though.

Last week, Ericka was in a lot of pain. She needed to sit up or shift positions every 15-45 minutes to get relief, she was nauseous, she wasn't getting good sleep. On Friday, I finally instructed her PCAs to give her pain medication every 4-6 hours rather than waiting for her to ask for it. That and an extra dose of steroids seemed to calm things down. Saturday morning she was doing much better.

Then when transferring her legs grew weak and she ended up sitting on the floor. Cue up a 911 call, a couple of crews of burly firefighters and we got her up and into bed. She was mightily confused the rest of Saturday and Sunday, however; having trouble keeping track of time, asking for things she already had, thinking she had things she didn't, having difficulty finding the words for things. I consulted with her nurse during the nurse's regular visit Monday morning. We thought of a bunch of things that could wrong: kidney stone, gall stone, mini-stroke, other GI problem. None of them were good and we didn't really have good information.

A call was made to Ericka's doctor and he wanted her to come into the hospital. So some more burly guys got Ericka loaded into an ambulance and off to the hospital in the early afternoon. She was in the ER most of the day as they drew blood and did various tests. They didn't allow her anything to eat or drink as she might need gut tests and by the time I arrived at the hospital (after work and caring for dogs) at 7:00 p.m. Ericka was pretty testy.

They got her into a room, but she didn't get any more pleased by the time I left at 11:30 because despite having an ultrasound of her liver completed, they didn't have orders to allow her food or drink because she hadn't been officially admitted yet. I spoke with her this morning and she still wasn't being given anything because there were still no orders. This will get sorted out soon, I'm sure.

I rounded up some things that didn't get taken to the hospital last night and set them out so that one of Ericka's PCAs can run them out there today. I plan to run home at lunch to feed and exercise the dogs and then back to work, back home and out to the hospital this evening.

Ericka appreciates your good wishes and kind thoughts, as always. Here's hoping for a little less excitement as soon as possible.