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Or there's this

In a bid to suss out ideas for a Wonderful Project, I went looking for career assessment tools. Perhaps by looking at career choices, I'd come up with ideas for a Wonderful Project, I thought.

So I took the test at I thought the test itself was interesting. They present you with three options. You choose exactly one that you most prefer and exactly one that you least prefer. They then rank you in 10 different areas based on those answers. They have specific jobs (as categorized by the gob'ment) profiled by the same areas and give you matches.

Of course, for free, they don't provide very detailed information. (They have packages of paid services for that.) For example, they don't give you the top 10 matches for your profile and you can't have the listing of jobs sorted out by how close they match your profile. You can, however, check out various careers and see how well they match on their scale by digging through them by category or alphabetically.

One of the jobs that I've thought I would be good at was director of stage, film or video productions. Checking this job title out through this system ended up with an excellent match.

So one option for a Wonderful Project is to direct a film (probably a short one to start).

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