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Man, it's been a long while since I've written here. I need to get back in the habit; it felt good to get thoughts out on "paper," I've missed it. I'm also getting the jones for the writing again.

When last we left our hero, he'd been fired from his job of ten years. Well, I've found other work, thank goodness. It's not idea, but it'll pay the bills while I continue to look around. I'm doing typesetting third shift. Kind of interesting working third shift. Many of the things I like to do in my free time (music at bars or parties, poker, gaming) happen late at night so now I'm all adjusted to being wide awake during it all. I remarked at more than one gathering that people are getting tired and winding down just as it's about my lunch time.

Ericka's van came through. We took delivery in early December and she immediately went on on an adventure to Detroit. Immediately as in the next day. Gone for two weeks and called on the way back to wonder if I'd mind if she went to Florida in January. I, of course, did not. Sure I miss not having her around, but it's great that she has the energy and ability to go off doing fun things.

While in Florida, her adventures included getting a broken arm. She's been in a lot of pain on and off and is going in for surgery on Feb. 6 to have supports for the spiral fracture put into place so it will heal more quickly. As with many things I know she'll come through it all marvelously and she's freaked out.

Meanwhile, I discovered I really liked a lot of the independence that having a more healthy, active Ericka around gave me. I easily fell into a routine of going out regularly three nights a week (Tuesdays to see the first set of The Tim Malloys at the Half Time Rec, Wednesdays to participate in the traditional Irish session at Kieran's and Thursdays to play wargames at my buddy Bob's) and also an odd evening or two on the weekend to attend a party, see some live music or play poker. It's been frustrating having to change that all back to help out Ericka while her arm heals, but I lover her so I give some things to take care of the important stuff.

I look forward to the point where Ericka is healed up and back to her energetic, galavanting self. Her independence brings me great joy as I know it does her. Besides, we have great plans for trips together.

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