August 2nd, 2007

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On relative response

When the I-35W bridge over the Mississippi River collapsed last night, I was sitting in a downtown theater watching the latest Harry Potter movie. (Quick review: It was OK, but I think I suffered a bit from not having read the books. I particularly liked the character of Luna and wished she had more screen time.) I got a call from Ericka during the film (and didn't answer because, duh, I was in a theater).

Ericka received calls from several of her relatives (all of whom are out of town) checking to make sure we were OK. Well Ericka rarely leaves the house so there was no danger there. I work downtown, so I suppose there could be some worry that I might be using that avenue out of the city on my way home.

None of my relatives called. Not even my brother who lives in a southern suburb (and works, coincidentally as a contractor at the same big corporation I do).

I don't know if this means that my relatives are less excitable than Ericka's, that they don't worry as much, that they paid more heed to the call to keep non-emergency calls to a minimum or what.

Whatever the reason, it struck me as interesting.
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Excitement du jour

Isn't very exciting, but is just typical of how my life goes sometimes.

I took off from work a tad early as the last thing I had to do I could easily do at home and Ericka has been fighting an infection lately. I stopped along Nicollet Mall and picked up some sunflowers from one of the Farmer's Market vendors, figuring they would cheer Ericka up.

Imagine my surprise when I turned on to our street during my walk from the bus-stop and saw an ambulance in my driveway.

Well, it turned out that Ericka decided to follow the advice of her care team and take a non-emergency trip to the ER. Having been through two courses of antibiotics for her infection, they wanted to evaluate her directly and probably prescribe a different antibiotic, maybe going for an IV treatment. Since getting an appointment with an Ear, Nose and Throat doc would take a while, the idea was that being evaluated in the ER may lead to admission and the ENT being assigned for rounds.

Or something like that. Some of this is mysterious to me.

So some friendly, burly firemen and paramedics helped get Ericka on to a gurney and into an ambulance and she's off to St. John's ("her" hospital) to hang out for a while. She has one of her PCAs with her. Another PCA is going to stick here for a while and watch the puppies while I grab a nap. I'll catch up with Ericka at the hospital and then we'll see if she's going to be admitted or what the deal is.

I'll update more as I learn more but for now there's no immediate threat or danger. It's just a little outside routine.
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Ericka update

Ericka still sits in the ER. She's as comfortable as one might expect and is tolerating things well.

The initial thinking is that she's developed some sort of blockage in the infected area (which is near her neck) that is kind of like a gall stone or a kidney stone. She's had an ultrasound to see if that is, indeed, the case and is waiting on results. If that is the case, they'll want to remove the blockage and drain things.

No word on if they'll admit her and keep her there for this procedure or treat and release her.

So I wait. I could wait at home, allowing one PCA to go home while I look after animals and house or I could wait in the ER, allowing the other PCA to go home while I look after Ericka. If I was with Ericka, she'd worry about the animals, if I stay home she'll be a tad more fretful.

It's really a toss-up, so I've decided to go with inertia and stay at home.

Further updates as situations warrant.