May 29th, 2007

self portrait

Fouling up and getting up; an update

Things seemed to be going so well for me at the Target gig. Unfortunately, the stress of the schedule change and the new job appears to have caught up with me. I apparently dozed off in a couple of meetings without noticing, a sure sign of my narcolepsy acting up. Rather than actually talking to me about it, however, they simply cancelled my contract.

That was a week ago and I've spent the intervening time mostly wallowing. I'm starting the job search in earnest again today, though. I figured there wouldn't be much going on right in front of Memorial Day. On the check-list of things to do this time 'round: make sure to inform my new employers of my condition in order to avoid this kind of thing again.

In other news, Ericka had a fall yesterday. On the way to the bathroom, she blacked out briefly and sat down hard. She's a bit sore today and was a little embarrassed by us having to call out the fire department to help her up. It wasn't nearly the spectacle that cakmpls described a bit ago, and she's doing pretty well.

So that, my friends, is the news from here.