May 4th, 2007

self portrait

Two down

My first two job interviews for the day are complete. I'm taking a short break at the downtown Mpls library while waiting for the next. I have about 90 minutes to go and about three blocks to walk to get to the next one.

Interestingly, the downtown library's underground parking ramp accommodates our van. The van has a 7 foot-something height and the clearance in the ramp is 8 feet, 2 inches. Most parking ramps have a clearance of 6 feet and a few inches, aimed mainly at smaller passenger vehicles. The library must have some requirements for various vans and panel trucks to get into their ramp.

There is free wireless here at the library, allowing me to add this entry on my MacBook. Strangely, the chat application I use (Adium) seems unable to connect to any of my various accounts. Must be being blocked by a network rule somewhere.

The first two interviews went well. It was difficult to tell with the second but they seemed generally pleased. The first said they'd get back to me on Monday.

One more interview to go. With some luck, I could be employed by this time next week!
self portrait

And .... scene

Finished that final interview and am now home. Puppies were glad to see me and I'm pretty bushed from all the running around. All of the interviewers were sounding like they'll be moving pretty quickly so I expect to hear about each opportunity next week. The woman from the final interview was talking about having someone start on Tuesday or Wednesday!

So I think I'll take it as easy as possible this weekend. Who knows how many more days of idleness I'll get!