March 7th, 2007

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The quiet time

I got a call at work this morning. erickavan had gone to her dentist appointment (she's getting some crowns). The dentist is a very good chap who is one of the very few dentists that will accept patients, like Ericka, on Medical Assistance. The one problem: his office isn't accessible by Ericka. Someone in a smaller chair might be able to access it, I don't know. I've never been to his office.

So while Ericka was using her limited ambulation abilities, she fell. Initially this wasn't a big problem as she's had enough martial arts training and is connected well enough to her body that she took the fall pretty decently. Unfortunately, she fell in a fairly narrow hallway and while the very nice fireman have been able to help her stand on occasions when this has happened in the past, they weren't able to get a good position for the operation this time.

In their efforts, Ericka twisted her left ankle and right knee. She was transported to St. John's hospital's emergency room where she was looked over and released with some braces and instructions typical of such injuries.

I went out and picked her up and got her home a little while ago. The puppies haven't had their daily requisite of exercise and are, thus, a bit energetic. Ericka is resting relatively comfortably. The cats are their usual calm selves. I am finally getting a minute to relax, though that will end quickly as the puppies need tending to.

I'm thankful that she's OK and that things weren't any more serious than they are. The level of steroids she is on has the side effect of leeching calcium from her bones so breaking something was very possible. So there's a prime conundrum of Ericka's existence: do you take the steroids that leech minerals from your bones or do you not take them and be unable to breathe?

There's probably a lot more to say here but that's enough for now.
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