December 9th, 2006

wok race

Recursions upon recursions

I had a dream a while back that involved several friends of mine and I going on something of a spree. It involved alcohol, firearms (never a good combo), a pick-up truck and high-spirited shenanigans. The highlight was a trip into a grocery/convenience store at midnight. Therein we surprised/confused/terrorized the proprietor and the few customers by one of my friends filming me reproducing the schtick of that dancing guy.

As these things often do, the bit dissolved into raving hilarity and my friends and I raced out of the store, slipping on the slick linoleum as the old man who ran the register shouted at us. There was a collision at the door, guns were drawn, we raced back to the truck as shots were fired and sped off into the night.

Last night's dream I don't remember most of. But one part involved me reading LJ. There on my friend's list was an icon depicting the highlight moment of the prior dream. As I watched, it became more of a movie and froze frames to highlight areas where bullets hit all around us as we made our escape. It was both funnier and scarier to watch that version.