November 16th, 2006

wok race

Gratuitious Icon Post

My friend robin_d_laws has a dilemma. He has a new round-bottomed wok that he feels will be unsuitable for his electric range and has, therefore, acquired a flat-bottomed wok. While there have been many suggestions as to what he could do with his extra wok (including many creative ways to use it as intended), my favorite was the link to information in Wikipedia on wok racing. Thus this icon of world champion Georg Hackl in his wok. In the original, you get a better look at the ladles attached to his feet to reduce friction.
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self portrait

Words not spoken... the appearing-to-be-12-year-old boy traveling from a parking lot to the Metrodome as I walked to my bus stop after work:

"Dude. That purse does not match those shoes."

(I'm fairly certain that he was getting something for his mother.)