July 25th, 2006

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More dreams

I had another vivid dream last night but I remember less of this one. My dog awoke me before my alarm again; she's having difficulty with getting up from lying down of late and whines and barks when she wants/needs to get somewhere and cannot.

This dream was full of bright, primary colors and fast action. It was quite reminiscent of the video game I was playing last night, Kameo, Elements of Power. It's a title I was interested in when I first got my Xbox 360 system but haven't got around to trying out. I rented it over the weekend to try it out before buying.

The dream is just some fleeting emotions now, the details lost to the waking world. There was a sense of urgency about it, a need to get somewhere. The obstacles I faced were terrifying, but I also felt confident that I could overcome them. I wish I had been more coherent earlier and had written this entry then.

Sleep is important too, however, so I'll have to be satisfied with getting in enough of that today.
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I love it when I'm a genius

Do you folks know about ma.gnolia? It's a service that lets you save bookmarks so you can have them handy on any net.connected machine. I've been using it for a while and think it needs some improvements, but it is still handy for me.

Today, I was getting ready to start developing some user profiles for a web application I'm working on. To start the process, I like to give the profiles actual names; it makes them a little more "personal" for everyone. Plus it's easier to say, "Steve's going to have a problem with that," then to say, "I think Member Relations Customer Facing Query profile will encounter difficulties here."

Serendipitously, I was browsing through the bookmarks I've saved on ma.gnolia and saw that I'd saved a link to the Fake Name Generator. Perfect.
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