July 19th, 2006

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In favor of hugs

As I was falling asleep last night it occurred to me that I've been very fortunate to fall in with a social sub-group that's big on hugs. I like hugs. There is something inherently right about hugs; they are both welcoming and supporting. I can't think of any other gesture that accomplishes what a good hug does.

I particularly am amazed that, among a group of folks generally identified as socially inept, the number of men I can point to and say that I exchange hugs with them. Upon showing up at Baggiecon up in Winnipeg, for example, it was completely natural to get hugs from several of my fellow campers. Some of them I hadn't seen in months, if not years. The hug as welcoming gesture, however, put us right back in the same relationship, as if we had never left off.

So hugs: good. That is all.
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