July 3rd, 2006

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Two sleeps to Winnipeg

Got out to REI yesterday and replaced the AWOL tent. Also picked up new Teva sandals. I wore them in to work today to help break them in and they are pretty darned comfy.

Ran into mizzlaurajean and buttonlass while there. They embarked upon the high-pressure campaign to get 90_percent_sure to join them in their crazy, last-minute Winnipeg expedition. Crazy. I'm sure it'll never work.

After REI, we popped over to the local Don Pablos for mediocre Mexican food. lollardfish returned from his weekend frisbee sojourn to join us for a margarita. I drank far too much lemonade and left feeling stuffed to the gills.

So now my prep for Winnipeg is down to food and packing. I'll need to pitch the new tent tonight, because pitching it for the first time in a place where it might be needed immediately is sub-optimal. I think I'll be going for a lot of dry goods for food. I don't want to rely on coolers or other camp supplies because I look upon Winnipeg as a good testing ground for more primitive camping. One can be about as primitive as one wants and, if something should go horribly wrong, there's a community there willing to help you out. (Not to mention civilization just a few minutes away by car.)
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The wonderful Philip, who is visiting from Seattle for part of the time that I am in Winnipeg, took my trusty laptop off to FirstTech, the local non-Apple Mac shop to have its hard drive upgraded. They were busy and short-staffed so it won't be ready until Wednesday, probably long after I'm on my way up to Canada. He also thoughtfully asked them to put the old one in a little FireWire case so I'll have this spare 20-gig hard drive to do whatever with. (I'm thinking I'll use it for back ups.)

The weirdness is that I am now doing all my LJ and email stuff on Ericka's PC. This means being in one place to do so, not to mention the operating system differences.
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