June 23rd, 2006


Lovely lunch

First, the weather is gorgeous: upper 70s, light breeze, very partly cloudy. I sat outside on Kieran's bountiful patio. I had a table with an umbrella, giving me the best of both sun and shade. As the toucan says, Lovely day for a Guinness.

I looked at the menu briefly but knew quickly that it was useless. I knew what I wanted. So when the waitress came for my drink order and to tell me the specials I politely cut her short and let her know that I was ready. Corned beef sandwich. Fries. Malt vinegar.

Oh, and a lovely sandwich it was. Big chunks of tender corned beef topped with melted Swiss cheese and tangy, but not creamy, sauerkraut served on a tasty peasant rye bread. The fries were thickly cut and fried to that perfect mix of crisp and tender.

When it came time for the second pint, I gladly ordered the refill and leisurely sipped it as I finished my sandwich.

By the time I finished the pickle that also came with the sandwich I was ready for dessert. My waitress brought the dessert menu and I scanned it. The bread pudding was, as always, a temptation, as was the Bailey's cheesecake. I settled finally, however, on the tasty-sounding ice cream sandwich.

The chef herself brought it out telling me that it was the first that Kieran's had served. It was a layer of strawberry ice cream on an Oreo cookie crust topped with a layer of chocolate ice cream and another cookie crust. It was finished with a strawberry sauce and garnished with slices of almond. The perfect dessert for a summer afternoon and a grand accompaniment for the last of my Guinness. Highly recommended.

This is, in fact, the second very good ice cream dessert I've had at an Irish restaurant in as many weeks. It is unsurprising, perhaps, that both are run by the same folks. Since they also run The Liffey in St. Paul, I'm curious as to the ice cream dessert that might be on that menu.
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