June 13th, 2006

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The suck visited upon my life

So I was going out to dinner last night. I got home on the bus and arranged to meet a friend. Got into the car, drove out of my driveway, took a left to 25th Avenue SE, turned right and drove north on 25th. About half-way up the block, I see an old Suburban coming toward me the opposite direction. Weird thing about this vehicle is that one of its doors is open. I slow down and pull over a bit but can't get all the way to the curb because there are cars parked there.

The other vehicle keeps coming. I stop completely. The other vehicle goes by. The open door smacks the driver-side mirror on my car. The mirror breaks and its housing is torn off my car. It hangs now by the cables that allow it to be adjusted by the lever inside.

I get the driver's name and insurance information and proceed to have a lovely dinner. But, man.

It's not like my car is a pristine thing. The front end looks like someone has taken a sledge hammer to it. A couple of times. But this latest injury just adds to its dilapidated appearance.

I plan on going to the dealership today and getting an estimate on what it will take to replace the mirror and also to fix up the rest of the body damage. If it's not too outrageous I'll see about getting my poor Saturn back in more presentable shape.

If it is outrageous, I'll have to look at the idea of getting a new car.
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