June 7th, 2006

self portrait

Avoiding hypothermia

The air conditioning vent right above my cube has been blowing for two days straight. It's uncomfortable to sit at my desk for more than a couple of hours. It's particularly hard if I don't have something to occupy my attention. It's like that now as I've caught up on all my duties for my various projects and have nothing pressing planned for the rest of the day.

So I update LJ.

On Sunday I got out and saw X-Men III. One of the reasons that I think it won't do nearly as well as the first two is that is a profoundly sad movie. I think it's great that comics as literature can support tragedy. Your average summer movie-goer, however, isn't there for the profoundness. They just want to see stuff blow up.

On the way home from the movie I rented the Xbox 360 game, Quake 4. It's your typical 1st-person shooter sort of game. Or at least I thought so until I took a look at the "Extras" disc this morning. On that disc, along with a batch of featurettes promoting the game, was a copy of Quake II.

Wow. People were not only willing to play that way back when, but were slavishly devoted to it? The blocky graphics and ugly interface were in stark contrast to the sleekness of the new version. Remember that Final Fantasy film from a few years back? That level of photo-realism is what Quake 4 delivers. Even when you really rather it didn't, as some of the game play is graphically violent. During a few cut-scenes I remarked out loud to myself, "Gross." It was rather remarkable, however, to see how well this game company handled rendering human and non-human figures when other games I've played haven't done as well.

I fought my way through the game, enjoying the effort of controlling the main character in the story through an alien world to destroy the enemy. A line from the final big battle summed it up, "destroy it, and you save Earth."

I played a few games on line last night after finishing up. Not a lot of players around, perhaps because it was a week night. Makes me glad that I only spent the rental fee rather than buying the game.

It'll be back to Oblivion IV for me now. I need to update hygard_breton to get up to date there as well.