May 26th, 2006

self portrait

Only on the bus....

Riding the bus this morning was a tall, thin woman. The first thing you noticed about her was the big, black, stompy boots. Three wide straps secured these to her calves and they reached about half-way up to her knee. Peeking above these, reaching perhaps three-quarters of the way to her knee were argyle socks whose primary colors were black, pink and army-green. Covering the rest of her visible legs were tights with horizontal stripes colored black, purple and dark green. She wore a mini-skirt that matched the army-green of her socks. The stripes of her tights lined up as she held her legs together. Her black t-shirt sported a skull and cross-bones in a style that seemed almost cartoonish and she had a red hoodie sweatshirt on over that. She was white, but not pale, and her mousy blond hair was cropped short. The front and top of her hair were dyed a pale red that failed to stand out dramatically from the rest in the dim morning light. She'd pulled a portion of her hair into a short pony-tail sprouting from the crown of her head. As she settled into her seat she pulled iPod headphones from her bag but then thought better of that and instead pulled a second bag out. From that bag, she withdrew her knitting and happily worked on what seemed to be a hat-shaped object that shared, interestingly, the colors of her argyle socks.
self portrait

Wishful thinking

Looking out my window, I can see the clock in the tower of the Minneapolis town hall. 10:10 a.m. looks suspiciously like 1:50 p.m.
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