April 16th, 2006

self portrait

Minicon goodness

I finally made it out to Minicon last night. I had a long Thursday so when I got home from work on Friday, I crashed and slept late enough that going out to the con for only a few hours didn't make a lot of sense.

Made it out to the con by about 6:30 last night, though, which meant that I had enough time to see a few friends and go to a few parties. lollardfish's little concert was fun and the LJ party hosted by cakmpls looked to be rolling along quite well when I left to go to the music party.

There were a few very nice music moments in the party and it was fun to play with friends. It had been too long.

I wonder when closing ceremonies is. I'm supposed to be killed in my role as MN-Stf president for life, but no one's contacted me. Perhaps they'll forget and my glorious reign will continue....

So Many Roads, So Many Trains--Otis Rush--Chess Blues Classics - 1957 To 1967
self portrait

Sleepiness ate my Sunday

Well, I paid the price for those four years of third-shift jobs where I didn't really get to attend Minicon. After but one night of convention, I was wiped out enough to sleep through most of the day and I'm ready for more sleep now! I'm sorry to have missed out on closing ceremonies, but my clever plan to remain alive to better serve MN-Stf for another year as president appears to have worked!

I'll have to work up to next year's Minicon by going to some smaller conventions this year. Build up my strength.

The good news is the Twins took two of three from the Yankees. Now if Rondell White would get out of his early-season hitting slump. Maybe Rueben Sierra will have some good tips for him.