March 28th, 2006

self portrait


Thanks to davidschroth and Google Maps I found Origami for lunch today and achieved sushi. I missed the bus that runs along Washington so I ended up walking the whole way, which was probably good for me. Fish was lovely.

After work today, I went over to the local Guitar Center to peruse guitars. My ambition is to be an 80-year-old blues man. I figure I've got 40 years to work on it. Discovered that for a resophonic guitar I can spend about $800 and work my way up from there. They had a couple of vintage steel-bodied Dobros marked at over $2k. So I've got to save up some money and then hook up with chasophonic so he can help with selection. All I'm going by now is weight, size and vague feelings about tone. I'm guessing Chas can point me to some qualities I've not considered in choosing a first guitar.

You Shook Me--Muddy Waters--Chess Blues Classics - 1957 To 1967