March 24th, 2006

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Game night

For the first time it at least four years, I went over to my buddy Bob's house last night and played a game. Only two other guys showed up, but both were friends from those days when I spent every Thursday night in Bob's basement. It was good to see the guys again and they were happy to see me. We played, as is typical, a historical board/war game. In this case a game new to me called The Sword of Rome, which plays with the unsettled period in Roman history around the time Rome was sacked. But the game wasn't all that important, really, it was more about hanging out with the guys again. I've missed that.

The one downside is that it gets me to bed later than typical so I'm a little sleepy this morning. I also don't have anything pressing to do at work. So I spend my free time reading through various pieces of web sites in order to get myself back up to speed on the state of things. That leads one to a nappy feeling far more often than is generally acceptable in a corporate environment, even a government one.
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