March 14th, 2006

self portrait

Ordinary day

My bus route has a detour for a chunk of time here while they are working on a nearby railroad bridge, so getting to work was a bit of an adventure this morning. The biting wind didn't make it a pleasant adventure, but I got where I needed to go. Work itself was pretty quiet, the high point being that I had a meeting with the director of our fiscal services and finally got an overview of how me make money! That'll help a lot since a big part of what I'm doing currently is explaining how the projects we have planned will be helping to save us money or otherwise make financial sense to do.

After work, I got to watch another spring training Twins game. Fun to see some of the regulars doing pretty well already and some of the prospects doing OK too. I am looking forward to the regular season and particularly to getting our full starting rotation back from the World Baseball Classic that's running currently. The Twins lost today's game, bringing a five-game winning streak to an end, but it was really a lot closer than the final score made it look. One bad inning with some lucky breaks for the opposing team made all the difference.

Stay well my friends.

Take The Bitter With The Sweet--Muddy Waters--Chess Blues Classics - 1957 To 1967