February 28th, 2006

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Almost there

The last couple of days have been simultaneously promising and frustrating for me. I'm so close to real work that I can smell it, but I can't quite touch it yet.

I've had two good meetings with co-workers describing the background of a project I'll be working on. I can see where my knowledge and skills will be useful to the project. I can tell my ability to communicate to a variety of audiences will be helpful. I just don't have anything to do or anyone to talk to yet.

A meeting on Thursday may take care of that problem. And a meeting tomorrow may give me a related project to actually work on.

Which is not to say that I'm complaining about the new job. It's all part of the expected learning process. I need to learn how things work there now and people there need to learn what I can offer. I expect to be flooded with work before long. In the meantime, I read up on what I can and also delve into the wild world of web design in order to catch up on some of the developments. (This Ruby on Rails thing looks interesting....)

Angel Band--The Stanley Brothers--O Brother, Where Art Thou?
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