February 18th, 2006

self portrait

And now for something completely different

Spent a quiet day at home today. Last night I snuck out to play poker and ended up staying late due to an early losing streak. I caught up some, but still ended up down for the night. Not to worry, however, as it was simply redistributing wealth from Nevada to the local poker economy. I'd planned on going over to daedala's for Cajun food and Wizard, but ended not doing that. So that's one social thing I flaked on.

Today was supposed to be a review lunch with minnehaha and crew, but I over-napped this morning after breakfast and so flaked on that too. I very much dislike doing that, but I plead getting used to this whole "awake during the day" thing.

Speaking of which, erickavan and I just finished watching a movie, got her evening meds and got her to bed. I then took my anti-depressant and so am proceeding to bed myself. And it's dark out. Weird.

See you all in the .... morning?

A Week in Hawaii--The Atmosphere Collection--Midnight Rainshower
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