February 17th, 2006

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Just one more day

It's my second to last day of work. All this week I've been leaving early because it's been relatively slow in terms of the amount of work to do and I don't have a vested interest in how any of the jobs do anymore. I'm thinking that coming in to work tomorrow will be completely pointless because, let's face it, everything will be due the 18th or later and, hey, I won't be employed here then!

I heard from the folks at MHP mid-day Wednesday saying that the employment letter that I thought went out last week went out that day. I also got a message Thursday saying that my first day will start with four hours of training at the Government Center on being a County employee. I'm guessing this is orientation for the benefits as well as covering any particular policies and such. All that will be confirmed in the employment letter which I expect in the mail Friday or Saturday. All the info on the orientation is on the county web site, though, so even if it's delayed, I'll be all set.

My friend sweetalice here at Merrill went a bit overboard. She brought in the brownies she made for Tuesday's potluck but didn't bring then because she didn't think they were suitable for mass consumption as they tended to fall apart a bit. She also picked me up a 52 ounce bag of milk chocolate M&Ms as a going-away present. That's over three pounds of Ms! Yep, it'll be the people I miss from here.

I'm very excited about starting work on Tuesday!
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I got to thinking while I was at work last night that if I went to work Friday night, I'd be working on things that were due after I was no longer employed there. That seemed pretty silly to me and something nagged at the back of my brain saying there would be some exposure of liability to the company if I did that. Probably just rationalization.

In any case, when all the work was done tonight (a bit later than expected thanks to a last-minute ASAP job) I turned in my card that opens the doors and the card I used to punch the time clock.

I am officially unemployed from now until 8:00 a.m. Tuesday morning. I couldn't be happier.

Miners Picket Dance--Rory McLeod--Mouth to Mouth (Disc 1)
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