February 13th, 2006

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And now something ...

... not quite completely different:

The inverse of the Johari Window , the Nohari Window in which you, gentle reader, get to describe my greatest character flaws. Feel free to fill it out anonymously or with a false name if you'd rather I didn't get this feedback, which I think is valuable, from you directly. I understand some people could be uncomfortable with that.
self portrait

Counting down

At work now and only four working days left to this job. I just sent out the cross-shift email to the folks I work with letting them know that Friday will be my last day. I start my new job next week Tuesday (the 21st). One of the proofreaders reports planning a shindig for me tomorrow night, so I'll have to show up to work for that. Otherwise, things are slow enough around these parts that having me come in to work seems a little bit of a waste for them. Me, I get paid for the hours but, honestly, would rather be doing something else.

I'm sticking around tonight because it turns out that at 3:00 a.m., we're getting some sort of Employee Appreciation thing. This usually means something tasty to eat. As long as I'm still officially an employee, I might as well get treats out of the deal.

I'll have a three-day weekend to work on shifting to a daytime schedule. I don't anticipate having a big problem with that. The sunlight will help and there are always various stimulants to keep one awake during the day. Since my first week will be a short one (only four 8-hour days) I think that will help as well.
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