February 9th, 2006

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Quiet day

Took Domino into the vet to be spayed yesterday morning. While waiting to hear back, I read that pegkerr planned to have popcorn and oatmeal for lunch. Horrors! So I met her for lunch at Kieran's and we had a good chat. Covered my new job, her family's karate adventures, her career plans and the like. The ever-philanthropic poker players picked up the tab.

Domino was ready to come home from the vet after 4:00 and was a little croggly but seemed quite active for someone that just had a hunk of their guts yanked out. We're working to keep her quiet for a few weeks while she heals up, but it'll be a challenge. I've refrained from playing her favorite game, Catch the Catnip Mouse, because well, it Collapse )

Hard On Me--Richard Thompson
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Back at it

Well, here it is, one of my final days at this crummy job. I have six working nights left, counting tonight.

There seems to be not much to do. We already have some things on the schedule for Monday. Those don't usually show up until Friday.

Well, at least the always-thoughtful erickavan sent me off with a surprise package of cookies and chocolate-chip banana bread. Thanks sweetie!

I'll give these guys another few hours and then see about calling it a night. Seems silly to keep a short-timer around and on the clock when there's not much to do.

In the meantime, I have my iPod and tunes to keep me from falling asleep and I've finally rescued the writing I was working on from the suitcase I took on vacation. So that'll give me something I can do and feel vaguely productive. Plus: cookies!