January 7th, 2006

self portrait


The evening got off to a bit of a worried start when I got up a bit early in order to give Domino her dose of anti-biotics. The little kitty was nowhere to be seen. A search of her normal hidey-spots also turned up no cat. Investigations proceeded to the basement, the garage and, finally, the great outdoors. For about a half hour we were quite worried and could not find Domino anywhere. Then, just as Ericka's helper left to catch her bus, Domino came scurrying in the back door.

She seemed quite put out that the outside, which seems so enticing from the comfort and safety of the inside of a window, was, in fact, cold and scary. How could we let that happen!? Still, she was happy to see us, particularly when it came time to feed her. She was so hungry that I was able to put her pill into her food and she ate it up without noticing.

So I got to work a bit late and discovered that in their copious free time, the day shifts reorganized our seating again. The last one stood for less than 24 hours. fredcritter points out that the new scheme seems to have accomplished the incredible feat of squeezing 25.5 hours into a day! (You see, some desks have a person sitting there each of three shifts. But that means 8 hours per person plus a half hour for our mandatory lunch break. You do the math.)

So I did a couple of things to bring down the eyestrain on my machine at the desk I'm using tonight, but I haven't started doing anything drastic as I expect the arrangement will change once again while I'm at training all next week.

Ericka seems to have re-succumb to a bronchial infection today. She was feverish and coughing up crud and so started her back-up anti-biotics this evening. Maybe it's the beginnings of that or just hearing of 90_percent_sure's plight, but I'm feeling a tightness in the back of my throat that usually signals the beginning of a cold. So it's Zicam, megavitamins and tons of fluids for me when I get home. Still hope to get out to the mnstf pool party, but may not stay as long as I would normally.
self portrait

Unholy Seven

Some of you may remember me mentioning the blood drive poster that adorned our walls here at work last year. It featured a farce of typography, design and color choice that ended up with it spreading the message, "Get hooked ... on Blood!"

Well, they seemed to have learned one lesson from that poster. Unfortunately, it wasn't one about good design or font choices. The current poster extolling us to donate blood uses seven, count them, seven different fonts. One of them is Courier.

Now don't get me wrong. I love me some Courier. It's the hardest working font out there, always trying to make sure you have something on the page when your printer doesn't have that other spifftacular font you chose. Heck, it can even work well as a display face if you know what you're doing. When you don't, though, it ends up just looking sad.

And, sure, you can mix your serif and your sans-serif fonts. It can produce an appealing contrast that draws attention to specific parts of your message. When you use several typefaces of the same sort, however, they really have to have strong contrast if you're going to make it work. And when I say strong contrast, I don't mean "the 'J' is shaped differently," OK?