January 1st, 2006

self portrait


Lovely party last night. mizzlaurajean was very frocky and did a lovely job hosting, despite the curious absence of davidschroth, who had, of all things, to work. Much good conversation was had and much good food and drink were consumed.

The business meeting went off without a hitch. fmsv was designated the party's official time-keeper, heading off the chaos that usually reigns as the midnight hour approaches. The observation of the leap second was generally agreed upon, though, of course, some pointed out that it had actually occurred six hours previously. My impassioned speech extolling them to embrace the fun and silliness of making our countdown be " 5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... Leap! ..." rather than be slave to a soulless international body won them over.

Late in the party, as people started to thin out, I was attacked by a rabid divan and forced to nap. I awoke at about 4:00 a.m. to discover mizzlaurajean de-frocked (and now in her jammies), performing cleaning-up rituals. She informed me that a couple of other guests remained upstairs playing games. Amazing. I took my leave and headed home.

And there, this generally happy story runs into a speed bump. Taking the turn on to Lyndale to head home, I was a victim of the increased parking density caused by the recent snowfall and influx of party-goers and struck a glancing blow to a parked car. No great damage was done to the parked car, but the fiberglass of my front quarter-panel cracked and a chink of it was pushed into my tire. So I limped to a safe place and changed the tire. By the time I returned to check on the other car, it was nowhere to be seen. So someone out there probably curses my anonymous self for dinging their car. I'll have to get a new tire, and perhaps a new rim, as well as figuring out if the remaining chunks of fiberglass are of any danger to further driving.

Not the end to the night that I hoped, but no great harm done, so here's hoping the rest of the year is free of any such problems.

You Don't Know Me--Ray Charles & Diana Krall--Genius Loves Company