December 9th, 2005

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Back to the grind

Same old, same old at work. I'll be working more on my faerie story a bit later tonight.

Had a lovely day off, though. Met up with dreamsewing for book-buying and lunch. Returned home to eat said lunch. erickavan got in on the conversation and our guest didn't leave for a few hours, giving us great time to catch up and help her slowly ease back into Western civilization.

Another kitty accident yesterday. I caught her in the act, though, so it wasn't as big a problem as previous days. She got taken to her litter box and praised well for using it. I kept her shut up in the bedroom with me (where her food, water and litter box are) for a chunk of the afternoon. This suited her fine as we mostly just napped through the time. After her evening meal and use of the litter box, she got to roam the house. This wasn't entirely to her benefit, however, as Vegas has decided that this new intruder is not as scary as first believed and now should be beaten up. There was a yowl in the early evening and Vegas seems to be chasing Domino into the basement when given the chance.

Between chasings, Domino was being particularly cute in a "I am a mighty huntress!" way. As I lay on the couch, idly rubbing my feet beneath a blanket to help them warm up, she leaped! from the back of the couch on to them. I caught on to the game and wiggled my fingers under the blanket, causing her to leap! from my toes to about my waist. Then wiggle the toes and back she goes. We did this back and forth for a while and then she wandered off for a bit. She returned for more leaping!, with one particular incident having her leap! nearly three-quarters the length of the couch to pounce upon my fingers beneath the blanket.

One thing that we're trying is moving the blanket from the couch on to Ericka's bed. Since Domino sleeps on the couch blanket when she's out there, we're hoping it will help her realize that Ericka's bed is not to be peed upon.
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fae progress

Did some musing about my hero over lunch tonight. I've discovered that he's a he, that his friend who dies to start the action was also male. They met in college, a mixed pair that were inexplicably friends. Our hero is into old, rare books and currently runs a book shop specializing in such with a side line in antique items of a non-book nature.

The hero's flaw is that he has turned completely inward upon himself. He finds out about his friend's death, for example, because he read the obituary in the newspaper. While they were good friends in college, they exchanged messages perhaps twice in the five years since his friend returned to the town in which the college they both graduated from is located.

The hero is motivated by curiosity and a fascination with ancient things. The first gets him into the story to begin with and the latter keeps him progressing. The story presents a puzzle that fascinates him and calls him to solve it.

I've learned a few more details about the hero, his life before college, bits of it after college. Where he lives and what that place is like. How he feeds a stray cat that hangs around his little shop, but recognizes that he'd be too irresponsible to take it in as his own.
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