December 6th, 2005

self portrait

More grumbles

The training was about as horrible as you'd expect. The woman read her PowerPoint slides. Verbatim. She enunciated the "etc.s" She handed out copies of policies that are available on-line. (Granted, she should have them available for people that like hard copies better, but still.) We were all required to make name tags so she could address us by name during the session but needed to be reminded to make one of her own.

We finished a half hour early. The only good thing about the training was the cookie. And it was Chips Ahoy!
self portrait

Now for something more pleasant

In spite of the cold, I'm actually liking our recent weather. The big fluffy snow has everything coated in a layer of powdered sugar. Its like the world is putting on its holiday best. The sun sparkles prettily when its shining and at night all the sources of light seem to glitter a bit themselves.

Brandy, our dog, loves, loves, loves the snow. She goes out and sits in it until she is covered with a fine layer from head to tail. Then she stands, shakes off as much as she can and trots back in the house looking very pleased with herself. Little bits of snow drop off her on to the floor as she finds her way to one of her traditional spots in the house. I find it impossible to be annoyed by that.
self portrait

Just another day

The new kitten, Domino, is having some confusion about her litter box. So, in an effort to help her learn, she's being restricted to the one bedroom where her food, water and litterbox are while unsupervised in the house for any length of time. Hopefully this will not take long as she did use the litterbox, its just that she's had a few accidents. (That all of them have been on or near Ericka's feet makes them extra distressing.)

The cats are getting more used to each other and I've picked up some tips for speeding the process along: Rubbing each with the other's bedding should help transfer smells so that they get more of the "this is mine, I belong to this" feeling about each other.

It will be interesting tomorrow when Darwin, the enthusiastic lab/shepherd mix, comes over for his weekly visit. He's a big softie, though, and a good hissing at will cow him into submission.

There was a great disappointment Tuesday morning, as erickavan was very much looking forward to going to the annual shopping event at Target in which they open early for elderly and disabled people. The stores have extra help around to assist with shopping and they make it very nice for everyone that comes. Unfortunately, the van wouldn't start and ended up needing to be towed to get service. It needed a new battery, it seems (which is odd, as it was doing that fast turning-over while clicking that I don't normally associate with a bad battery) as well as new wiper blades.

But then, erickavan has come down with an upper respiratory infection of some kind and going out in the biting cold today would probably not have been the best for her.

And now it is time for work. Looks to be a slow night. fredcritter is converting about 80 pages of stuff for us as I type but I don't expect that to last us until midnight. I wonder if there's another workplace violence class tonight. That would take a chunk of people away from the work for a bit and might stretch it out.

I came up with an interesting idea for my faerie story during my break yesterday. I have the barest sketch of an outline of a plot. Next I'm going in search of a hero.