November 29th, 2005

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What to gift me

It seems I always go through this at this time of year. Much more than once, someone will ask me, "What do you want for Christmas?"

For some reason, people seem to think that I'm difficult to buy presents for. I'm not really. I'm quite non-fussy when it comes to gifts.

For starters, I've got a couple of wish lists on One is a general grab bag of stuff that I want. The other is where I keep a list of all the DVDs I plan on buying eventually. If something's on either one of those lists, I'l be very happy if someone gets it for me as a gift. I'm pretty good about keeping them up-to-date as well, so don't worry that you'll get me something that I already have. Or there's always the gift certificate option.

Other things I like getting include: strange little books that fit one of my interests (browse the lists above for an idea of those), decorative objects with Asian themes (particularly if they are useful and decorative, like tea cups, chops, etc.), music of a variety of styles (particularly folk, blues and alternative rock).

There is a broad category of things that make great gifts for me and that is things that the giver considers filled with wonder and/or whimsy. I can't tell you what these are but I can give you a couple of recent examples: a tiny little book on the history of baseball; wool mitten/gloves (the kind with the mitten flap that folds back and exposes half-finger gloves). In both these cases, the giver had reason to love what they were giving and that wore off on the gift. I think these make the best gifts of all.

It should be noted that by laying this all out I am, in no way, trying to make you feel like you should be buying a me a gift. Honestly, I have more stuff than I can use and wouldn't feel at all slighted if I received nothing but your friendly wishes during the holiday season. Or even if I didn't even receive those. For gosh sakes, don't go out and spend more than you are able to get me something. (OK, unless you feel compelled to buy me an HDTV, then spend to your heart's content.)

This is mostly for those relatives and in-laws who feel some sort of obligation to get me a gift or eight. (Though I can't see why, I'm not very good at reciprocating with the gifting.) If someone should, by off chance, ask you what they should get me, you can email them the link to this post.

Best wishes for a festive season to you and yours.
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