November 17th, 2005

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Short movie reviews

Saw a couple of movies in the last couple of days.

First was Stuck On You, a comedy about a pair of conjoined twins. Part of the funny here is that the twins are, from all appearances, fraternal. I didn't find much laugh-out-loud funny in this film. What I enjoyed was the physical acting. The very natural way the two actors moved together made you believe they'd been joined all their lives. The opening scene of them working together in the greasy spoon owned by the right-hand brother is amazing (though probably CGI for parts of it).

The second film was Madagascar. This offering from Dreamworks Animation, the people behind Shrek confirms something my friend revjohn noted to me a while back. These folks may have some technical skill, but they lack the storytelling chops of the folks at Disney. This is an animated film for adults packaged as a film for children, the result is a lack-luster mix of gags that don't hang together. The penguins, however, are a hoot.
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