October 22nd, 2005

self portrait

My work here is done

Finished the last of two little jobs that were due at 5:00 a.m. moments ago. Got a nice little bit of stroke from the NYC customer service guy, who appreciated that I called to clarify a fairly minor point even though it likely won't make any difference to the final delivery of the job as the customer is coming in this weekend to work on it. Always nice to hear that the little extras are appreciated.

So soon to home. I have a week's worth of DS9 to catch up on, some Netflix that have been languishing and some TiVoed movies as well.

I had the writing bug while driving in to work today. Kept thinking of little snatches of stories that have since gone drifting to my back-brain. (I blame Tracy Chapman. Telling Stories was playing on the radio on the way in.) So I might try to dredge some of those out this weekend.

Oh! I nearly forgot! I got out on Wednesday to see Mirrormask and was very glad I did. For one, I found that (apart from the women's bathrooms, which I didn't investigate) the Lagoon looks like a very accessible theater, which means erickavan can join me there for any future films. Best of all, though, the movie itself was a treat. It was nice to see a well-plotted film with serious imagination realized on the screen. Some of the work done on this film makes me want to use it as an example to say, "See! If that can be done, we can do anything!" I'll definitely be looking for the DVD when it comes out.