October 16th, 2005

self portrait

A longish update

Been too long since I posted. I get out of the habit if my schedule gets screwed up and it's done that.

Tuesday, I didn't work because of the whole drug-induced insomnia incident. Wednesday I didn't work because I don't work Wednesdays.

Thursday, I screwed up erickavan's meds. She'd refilled the four trays that hold her daily meds for the month and had pulled the previous month's Thursday night's and Friday morning's drugs out and put them in little cups to be taken at those times, leaving her with the full month ahead. When I went to give her the Thursday night meds, I mistakenly gave her the Friday morning ones. This meant that all of her drugs with stimulating side-effects (like her ADD drug, her prednisone, etc.) were now in her system. It also meant that she had extra of some drugs and also had drugs that help keep her blood sugar lower and such. So I stayed home to keep an eye on her while things ran their course. Luckily, nothing untoward came of all that.

Friday, I had more of the upset stomach I had on Monday (which, if you're playing along at home, led to the insomnia of Tuesday) plus a sore throat and stuffy nose (related, I'm sure). So again, with the no work. Sigh.

Saturday I felt much better and went to the lovely party at Chez minnehaha, played drum and generally had a good time. Was one of the last to leave, after we had played Wizard and set and prepared the French toast and bacon.

Today, I have acquired groceries and plan soon to have my sleep.

And that's the news from this little corner of the world.