October 7th, 2005

self portrait

Doing the mid-shift blogging....

I think they would frown on mid-shift Minneapolis Blog. Maybe I should whip up a batch of the St. Paul stuff for the next work potluck,though....

I've had a sleepy couple of days. Tuesday's big storm kept me home from work on the excuse that our dog is terrified of thunder. She will try to crawl under any available heavy object from a bookcase to a bed to the sofa in an attempt to get away from the big, noisy monsters. When things get really bad, she wants to head to the basement and hide in the shower down there or under the laundry tub. (And, really, when there's a bad enough thunderstorm, she's right, we should head to the basement.) Since erickavan has difficulty enough moving herself some days, wrangling the dog to keep her from knocking stuff over and/or hurting herself is beyond her. So I try to be around if we're expecting really bad weather. A quickie summer thunderstorm she can get through, but an all-nighter like Tuesday is a bit much.

Wednesday, I was going to go in to work to make up for missing Tuesday. When the time came, however, I was mighty tired so I decided not to. Instead, I watched bad movies, gleaning bits and pieces out of them that were kind of cool.

For example, early in Wild Things, there's a scene where one of the titular characters and her mother enter their home. The mother is on a balcony on the second floor and the daughter is walking in the front door. They enter their respective doors, turn to opposite directions and close the doors behind them. It visually shows that these two women are so very much the same while also not getting along with one-another in a beautifully subtle way.

At work tonight, I'm acting as mentor for one of my co-workers. Which is a nicely circular thing, as she sat with me as I first learned our proprietary typesetting platform and now I'm helping her learn our new Word-based tools.