September 28th, 2005

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As the queue churns

I'm creating proofs for a 365 page job. Only about 50 pages left to go.

At least they have improved the new tool so that this can happen on a server instead of on my local machine. It used to be that we had to create these proofs on our own machines, which meant that we couldn't use them for other vital tasks (like updating LJ).

Once they are done, I'll have to update the 5-page Table of Contents. That'll be tedious. I hate long, detailed tables of contents.

Apart from that, it's nice to have something to do.
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Planes too.

Inspired by the letter of pegkerr's daughter to our President, I got to wondering about disaster response. In the wake of something sufficiently disastrous, would the President have the authority to re-route commercial airline traffic to help evacuate a major city? Would doing so be of great enough help?

My thought was that if the situation would warrant, the President could give the order and all commercial flights would land at their intended destinations, unload, refuel, and dead-head it to the place that needed to be evacuated. Now, there would have to be some coordination as to making sure too many planes didn't arrive at the same time, that they could be refueled and such when they arrived and that there was a place to go when they took off again. Still, it seems like a way to get a lot of people out of a dangerous place in a short amount of time.