August 15th, 2005

self portrait

Well, this doesn't look good

I've just arrived at work. There are a grand total of 573 pages of work on our schedule. A whopping 425 of that is off at our India team and isn't due back until Wednesday. Of the remaining 150 or so, only 50 of the are not already in process.

So it's bound to be another slow night. I wonder what sort of trouble I'll get up to?
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self portrait

It's all about the food

There is nothing to do. Have done one thing work-related since I got here and that was sending a job that was already done.

Tonight, however, is our soup and salad night for the peak. We'll be having delivery from Eddington's. Good soup. A white chili with chicken that's fabulous. Best of all: breadsticks.

So, yeah, I could be home, watching the end of the Twins game, playing on the computer and generally loafing in comfort. But I'm hanging out in order to get me some eats.