August 1st, 2005

self portrait

It was a weekend

But I think I missed it.

Saturday was the day of sleep. This means I missed the party at galacticvoyeur and mmagidow's new place. I'm sure a good time was had by all, but when I woke up at about midnight, it seemed fairly pointless to head out to a party, particularly since I was still plenty tired.

Sunday didn't start much better. Fitful sleep in the morning was interrupted by minnehahaK on the phone, informing me of the brunch thing going on. I'd just been perusing my friends page and had contemplated crashing that gathering. I mean, blueberries. Who could resist.

Well, I could, at first. But then mizzlaurajean called back and asked if I'd left the house yet. I could see this was going to be one of those things. The ones your friends insist you attend in your best interests. So I started the process of getting ready to go. This involved going to the library for erickavan, so there was the gathering of books and her library card in preparation for that. Since I'd been asked if I owned Raising Arizona, I figured I'd grab a few movies to bring along. Right before I left, 90_percent_sure called to critique my selections. While I think The Producers or Young Frankenstein would have fit well with the requirements for "funny, with lots of good lines," I was shot down.

When I arrived at the lovely home of lsanderson, I was greeted with waffles, bacon, berries of many forms, maple syrup and whipped cream. And butter. Let's not forget butter. davidschroth was there as well, as one might suspect, but B was still off on one of his regular jaunts. As I ate the proffered waffles, we watched The Incredibles, a lovely, fun film.

After, we scattered to the respective abodes and I, for one, took in a much-needed nap. This evening, I'm awake and have caught up on a lot of TV, including the fifth straight loss by the Twins. And no trade for more offense before the deadline today. Sigh. It's going to be a long rest of the season.

Now, to begin the hopefully short process of restoring the MN-Stf web site after it was down for a few weeks.