July 17th, 2005

self portrait

Big weekend

Got things started with the MN-Stf picnic on Saturday. We didn't die of the heat and I thought it was pretty tolerable, all things considered. My poor dog though, she of the fluffy fur coat, did not fare as well. She came and told me it was time to go after far too short of a time. I think the heat did catch up with me, though, as I ended up sleeping for most of the night.

Which is a good thing because laurel and kaustin invited me to the Twins game Sunday afternoon. (Though the game literally started in the afternoon, 1:10 p.m., we were all under the impression it started at noon and got there about 11:00 a.m.) The Twins lost but it was a good, close game. Mays pitched his heart out, giving up just a walk and a home run and one other hit over seven innings. If you can't score more than two runs, all the great pitching in the world isn't going to win you any ball games. Fun to watch and fun to hang with those goofy kids L&K. I also got to play "Name That Twin," a little game show they hold in the middle of the 6th inning in which, kind of like on the old Name That Tune show, you bargain with your opponent to see how many clues you will get to name a Twins player. I got down to two before the other fellow challenged me to name the player. The first clue was "Acquired from Philadelphia in 2003." That narrowed it down to two players for me. Infielder Nick Punto and pitcher Carlos Silva were both acquired from the Phillies, though I didn't know in what years. The next clue was "Switch hitter." Well, that wasn't going to be the pitcher, so Nick Punto it was. I won! I have a complimentary stay at a local resort/casino and a 2 for 1 buffet ticket. Woo!

Of course, the next game-in-a-game they played was for tickets to watch the Twins in Yankee Stadium. Couldn't have won that one. NooooOOoooo. Still, fun time hanging with L&K.