April 12th, 2005

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By the power of caffiene!

I survived the night at work despite lingering jet-lag or spring-forwardness or whatever it was that threw my sleep schedule out of whack. Instead of a Sprite with my fast food, I had a Coke. That kept me going for about half the night when I figured without it, I'd be dozing off from the get-go.

It's all worn off now, though, which is good. I hope I can get some decent sleep. Weather looks like it will cooperate. I like cool and rainy for sleeping.

I have figured out what it is that I should be doing all these random hours that I'm awake: writing. I looked back over the entries in my LJ memories and saw a few story ideas that are just laying there, waiting for attention. All the work I did last year on the Barbara Sher book was pointing at writing being part of what it is that I want to do.

Over the weekend, I mostly poked at LJ and email, frittered away time with games and otherwise wasted time rather than writing. I think I can do better. Have to give it a try.
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self portrait

Band meme

Which of these bands have you seen live? post your list of "bands seen" in your LJ. Take the ones you've seen here and add others until you have 25.
(starting from the list of minnehaha K, with whom I had six names in common; seven if K had listed Jethro Tull, as we went to that show together, and more than that if she'd picked others for her list. Folks from baggiecon will recognize many of these, I'm sure.)

3 Mustaphas 3
Tori Amos
Billy Bragg
Boiled in Lead
Cats Laughing
The Darkest of Hillside Thickets
Morris Day and the Time
Arlo Guthrie
The Fabulous Thunderbirds
Gaelic Storm
Great Big Sea
John Hiatt
Jethro Tull
Tom Paxton
The Radiators
Toshi Reagon
The Replacements
Saw Doctors
The Suburbs
They Might Be Giants
The Tim Malloys
Trip Shakespeare
The Violent Femmes
Warren Zevon
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