April 1st, 2005

self portrait

Last day in India

Back at the hotel from my last day of work in India. Not a hectic as the previous days. Had a nice little send-off. The team bought me a funky little desk clock. Presumedly so I'll always know what time it is in India. They are also sending along a few gifts for folks back in St. Paul that I'm supposed to cart back. (This is typical, I'm told, and I feel lucky to get off with packages that don't appear as if they'll put a strain on my suitcase.

Had the front desk pull up a copy of the hotel bill to date when I arrived back. My room rate for the last three weeks was apparently $42/night. This was all totaled up in rupees, though, so I'm not really sure what the grand total will turn out to be when it gets converted. The web conversion tools tell me that the 77,808 rupees should be $1,779.28. (That total includes hotel, food, 'net access and car rides back and forth to the office.) My theoretical available credit is roughly $1,500. (It would be about another $1,000 more than that, but India has never heard of the Discover card, and vice-versa.) So I'll be tapping into the paycheck that will be credited to my account on Friday in the U.S. Of course, that'll be at like 9:00 a.m. Minnesota time, so therefore 8:30 p.m. India time.

The "Spring forward" time change will happen to me sometime while I'm traveling. That'll really screw me up.

Having dinner with one of the folks from the office tonight. Tom and Mika and I are going to meet her for dinner at the Thai restaurant that is in the hotel. None of the three of us have eaten there before, so the last day is a good time to try!

Sent all my dirty clothes off to the laundry provided by the hotel this morning. This means that they've been returned clean and pressed. That'll probably save a bit of space in the ol' suitcase. And, hey, not having as many dirty clothes to unpack when I get home will be good!

Well, better start said packing.